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On the Cheap Pet Dewormer


My pets are a random assortment of abandoned creatures that have wandered onto our property and have never left. While they were all taken to the vet for a first round of shots and a general checkup, I can hardly afford a hundred bucks a pop every time my cats eat a rat, or the dog finds some gnarly carcass left behind by hunters.  Like most men, these guys are only interested in a big ‘ol rack.  Anyway, as you can imagine, my pets often come down with worms. Enter food grade diatomaceous earth!  It is completely organic, and kills fleas, ticks, worms, mites, ect. by physical action rather than chemical. The sand-like diatoms scratch the waxy coating of the infesting parasites surface, leading to dehydration and death.  When fed as a supplement to pets or livestock, worms are naturally eliminated with out chemicals of any kind, it’s cheap, and easy to feed. Simply mix wet food or a treat your dog/cat likes  with the  amount of diatomaceous earth best suited to your pets wieght for 4 days. Repeat as necessary every 2 weeks.  CAUTION: YOU MUST USE ONLY FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth, not the stuff found in drywall, ect. Food grade diatomaceous earth can be found at just about any feed and seed store, or may also be obtained on the internet. We buy ours from Southern States, and I believe it’s around 9.00$ for a four pound bag. As we have small pets, this bag will last quite a long time.  Mix as follows:

  • Lrg cats-1tsp
  • kittens-1/4 tsp
  • dogs 100 ibs and up-1-2 Tbsp
  • dogs 50-100 ibs-1 Tbsp
  • under 50 ibs- 1 tsp
  • miniature breeds 1/2 tsp